Ace and Romina Adventure is the first chapter in the Pichure Toun series, it's being created by: Roc.

August 27th, 2016.


Ace and Romina are enrolled Aaron Electron, they explore a new cartoon animated world called Pichure Toun when a computer software router gets hooked into their school. By: Roc.

August 27th, 2016.


In 2000, a man named Ben is a traveling job explorer who is working to achieve his dream of having a job as an artist at a movie studio.

6 years later, Ace and Romina are two 10 year old adventurous children who are looking foward to having their first adventure, their parents enroll them in Aaron Electron Elementry.

They meet Sebrinae: a teacher and tour guide who made a machine called Simm-ove, and they make friends with Mar-key Cortex and Zimaricky and Tinisha. They drive to Studolvania and enter a new cartoon universe titled Pichure Toun, they're a-ssisted by teenaged girl sisters: Anita and Trena.

Sher-obot is an female robot who works at Studolvania.

Mean-while the crew journies across the world to the Pichure Toun forest where they meet a series of family friendly creatures: Figurainbows, Wolvsters and Scrinimators who welcome them to their home and invite them to their party.

Ace and the crew then use the software connection signal to transport themselves to New Artsie where they meet Roc's Small Team and they make friends with them and invite them to the Roc's Small Team house for a live-stage show featuring the group and Ace and Romina. 

Sher-obot returns to Pichure Toun and uses the Minindo's app to turn Ace and Romina back into humans and Ace and Romina use the app on their Ipads to return Anita and Trena and Roc's Small Team to their original forms.

By: Roc.

November 5th, 2016.


Ace and Romina's Adventure was developed on August 25th, 2016, the acts and scenes are currently being written, on June 6th, 2017, the series production officially resumed, scripting for charectars had returned back into development.

By: Roc.

November 5th, 2016.

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