Deianna Dollivan (pronnounced Deyonna) is the full name of Dolly T. Dollivan, the name is actually Dolly T. Dollivan combined with Breanna Yde making her Deianna, she was born on (January 18th, 2001), she's 17 years of age, she is Roc's best friend of the art superhero team: Roc's Small Team.

Deinna Dollivan






Deinna Dollivan.

January 18th, 2001


20 (Abdur Razzaq (TV film).

16 (The Roc's Small Teamers Prequel)

Roc's Small Team (Franchise).

Abdur Razzaq (TV film) (upcoming film).

Roc's Small Teamer.

By: Roc.

November 20th, 2017.


Deianna was originally named Dolly T. Dollivan, she is a cartoon charectar leader of the children's art super-hero group: Roc's Small Team, she goes to The Malik School of Arts located in Philly, she lives in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and she has sister named Terianna.

Deianna is Dolly T. Dollivan combined with Breanna Yde, she was created on November 20th, 2017.

She is a cloud figure that lives on Earth in the sky, she lives in a pen palace with her sister: Terianna, in the pen-palace there are two red thrones for chairs and a full fleged house created specifically special for the two of them.

By: Roc.

November 20th, 2017.


Deinna Dollivan wears a red super-hero jacket with a black letter D inside as abbreviation for her name which has a moon in it representing the Roc's Small Team world.

Deinna also wears violet art superhero shades which were created by her friend Roc, she also has purple dimples with black engravements in them.

In addition to the facial features, she also has freckles that were also colored purple.

Deinna Dollivan wears purple lip gloss and purple finger nails, she also wears her very own red earrings.

In addition to Deinna's art super-hero clothing, she wears a golden skirt that has black sparkles and golden high hilled boots and carries a her very own pen for which is red and has her letter D engraved in it, Deinna also has curly which is purple.

Deinna Dollivan is going to appear in the live-action television movie Abdur Razzaq, she will be a real life woman in adult form, she will be a The Malik School of Arts (art-heroes) art super-hero in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

By: Abdur Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

May 3rd, 2018.