Elinah is a female robot who was born on January 5th, 2000, she is (17) years old.

By: Roc.

August 20th, 2016.


On January 5th, 2000, a girl named Laurian created a robot named Elinah, she was born with entirely black skin.

13 years later, Elinah turned 13 and she turned peach, she also met Roc.  

In the middle of 2014, she went through her reverse aging and re-united with Roc, she returned to being a teenager in 2015, aged in reverse for 1 month in 2016 and returned to being a teenager and re-united with Roc again.


Main article: Elinah's Debuts.

Pictures featuring Elinah were created in 2016, on October 29th, 2017, she was announced to appear in the upcoming series: Pichure Toun.

By: Roc.

October 29th, 2017.

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