Oogway's Pool Party by Tenzenmaster

Tenzenmaster: Hi! I shall be your narrator as we travel through time to Oogway's pool party.

Oogway: Shifu, I'm gonna do a pool party. And it's gonna be AWESOME!

Shifu: Uh oh. Nothing good ever comes of you saying awesome.

Oogway: Let's ask your students to help me.

Shifu: What? No! To build a pool party? Po would just sit in the baby pool I see you have brought. It's like, 3 feet diameter.

Oogway: Shut up! Monkey! Crane! Mantis! Viper! Tigress! Po! Get over here!

Mantis: Heh heh heh.

Shifu: What's so funny?

Mantis: Well, Po was trying to get 109 dumplings in his mouth, y'know, to beat his dad. Uh, and he, kind of, raided his dad's shop. Lol?

Oogway: Lol. :D

Shifu: No lol! Just, make him hurry up!

Mantis: K. I'll be back in 3.14159265358979462643383279502884197 seconds.

Tenzenmaster: He TP'd to get everyone to the pool partay.

Oogway: Hehe. Funny reference to Clay's air conditioned place by Tenzenmaster on Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki. He learned some new digits of pi, I see.

Shifu: Tenzenmaster totally asked you to say that.

Oogway: Yes, he did.

Tenzenmaster: Yes, I did. And I mean yes to I asked him to say that and yes to I have learned some new pi.

Furious 5: Hi, time to build a pool partay!

Po: Yay! Let's go swimming in my dad's secret ingredient soup!

Oogway: Let's build!

Tenzenmaster: And we'll be back! Time for a COMMERCIAL BREAK!