The Mikih Show is the computer-live action series.


The series takes place after Mikih 2.  Mikih  (played by Kenity) is 11, Roc (Santino Merella) and Nasir (played by Big Show) are 9. Layla is 10 and Rayah and Ciara are 9. Mikih and Layla have been friends for 4 months and Wineyada  and Louie have been married for 3 months.


Kenity as Mikih.

Santino as Roc.

Big Show as Nasir.

Layla as herself.

Ms. Kim as Rayah.

Ciara as herself.

Ms. Deloris as Wineyada.

Ms. Deloris will also apper in the third movie.

By: Roc.

Mikih and the Teenagers (Group).

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