Widener School Musical an upcoming Roc's Life musical movie, it will be uploaded to Roc's Videos on Sept. 8th, 2020. 

By: Roc.

Sept. 8th, 2015.


Roc is now 18 year old teenager who returns to Widener where the music business has completely changed. He and Ms. Kutteh then decide to use their own brand of creativity to enchance it.

By: Roc.

October 1st, 2016.


Roc is a 18 year old teenager who is looking foward to becoming a sucessful film artist. He also reunites with Dolly, Ted and Phil. Roc returns to Widener and realizes that a new set of rules and activities have been added to the school, he even realizes the music business has also changed. He rencounters Ms. Kutteh: a kindergarden teacher who had been his first high school teacher for 2 years. That same day, Ms. Kutteh hosts an a-ssembly called Widener Idea Day. That afternoon, Roc returns to his home and he and Royal get a idea to bring back the original music routine. This leads to several acivity enhancements: practicing their musical, turning the school hall into a music hall and adjust the gym music. Roc confesses his plan to Ms. Brandy and plays loud music and everyone sings and dances in the hallway. Roc and the crew practice their final session for the musical. The next morning everybody returns to the school: with school ready to begin, Roc's musical occurs. Ms. Brandy then takes enjoyment in this and gives Roc and his friends rewards ending the movie. By: Roc. Nov. 18th, 2016.